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Hidy Partner, I need your help!


I love telling people about the Hope that is in me, Jesus. I love America and the American Farmer and Rancher. I love music and being able to share my songs and heritage with you. I love making and sharing Cowboy Dan's Frontier with all of you.

I need your help. Since 2007, I've produced 29 episodes of Cowboy Dan's Frontier and aired them on 7 networks reaching an estimated 6.5 billion people all over the world. I've done this using my own money and various grants throughout the years. A typical television season is 26 episodes per year. But to be able to continue reaching people with the message of Jesus, producing quality programs with quality music, I need to produce more than 2 episodes per year. And that means I need your help.

Would you partner with me?

Your donation provides the funds necessary to produce a consistent, high quality children’s program with multiple cameras, Nashville produced music and edited with high production value.

And, if you partner with me monthly of $25 or more, I'll give you access to all of my video content for free.

I've partnered with Candlestick Media Ministry whose mission is to tell people about Jesus through creative media projects.

Cowboy Dan with Allen and Cindy Gentry.

Emails from Viewers


We introduced our newborn Son to your program back in 2009, He is 14 now and still gets all sentimental when I share your FB posts with him😄 You were one of His first male role models next to his Daddy. He actually will watch your entire message to this day 🥰

Thank you so much for the time and the love of Jesus you share with your viewers. Many blessings to you and yours! - Heather

I Love how you share the truth to the young ones, keep up the great work your doing to inform / help our children.

Love you and your show Cowboy Dan. - Ken


This is the first time we have seen your program. We are thrilled with what you are doing in teaching our children the history and the agriculture and other type subjects. Our children do not get this in school. We pray that parents will encourage their children to sit down and watch your program on Saturday mornings!

I will try to pass along to some young couples where your program is and try to get them interested. That's like you said, GOOD CLEAN FUN!

God bless! - Janice

Cowboy Dan, I love you, you're the best. You're videos are so good. My brother's 3, my sister's 2, and I'm 6. - Castiel


Dear Cowboy Dan,

Howdy! My name is Riley and I am 14 years old. I first started watching your show about a month and a half ago and I have learned so much about agriculture! I wake up every Saturday morning at 6:30 to watch your show. I want you to know I am very grateful for all the effort you put into making kids smile. Thank you for making the importance of farming known to people like me who live in cities. I hope to have a show just like yours someday. Your friend, Riley


Will you ever be in fl playing your music and bringing your message. I'm 61 years old and may have to make a trip to see one of your speaking and music engagements when we retire please keep making your show its the best thing on TV thank you so much. - Ron


Dear Cowboy Dan,

I'm a grandma that loves watching your show on Saturday mornings. When I saw that you have new episodes now it made my day. Please continue to provide wholesome entertainment on TV, Lord knows we desperately need it!

God bless you and biscuit 🙏

Your friend, Sharee


We are always watch your program every Saturday. We are from Nigeria in Africa... Thank you and God bless you real good... - Divine and Darwin

Cowboy Dan and Manuel Delgado
Cowboy Dan with Charlie Daniels

Ways you can help.

Cowboy Dan and Patterson Family
Cowboy Dan and Jo Ann Bullard


Pray that our activities will lead people to Jesus. Pray for our leaders, video producers, and volunteers as we fulfill our mission.


Donate money or items that we may use to produce media, commercials, buy airtime and other ads that reach people for Jesus.


Volunteer your time to help research and distribute our show to other television and cable networks. Help research trends in marketing and advertising. Help our non-profit with legal or accounting needs.

Spread the Word:

You can tell people about Jesus in your everyday life. Post a message or video on your social media pages. Tell people about our broadcasts. Put a link to this site or share the QR code below.

Cowboy Dan and Shane Petty

Other Ways To Donate

Do you have money that’s been sitting in your CashApp or Venmo for a while?
How about donating that?
For in-kind donations, please contact us.
Please share this with your friends and family. Together we can make a difference.

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